Observer requires disabling security settings

I'm running Safari 10.1 and have the Flash plugin configured to Ask before it runs (meaning it won't run until I grant it permission). Your site for live and on-demand TV is incompatible with this security setting and simply fails to work with no feedback at all (just a black screen, no error message, nothing helpful). The Flash plugin needs to be configured to On so it always runs without being prompted.  This is a security downgrade (literally: I have to into Safari Prefences -> Security -> Plug-in Settings -> Adobe Flash Player and create a security exception for your site).


Please fix the security issue with Flash permissions. Or better yet, deliver native HTML5 video content like the rest of the internet so maybe I could watch this directly on my AppleTV?


Re: requires disabling security settings

Go into your browser and make watch a trusted site. It's not a twc issue, lol.



Re: requires disabling security settings

As a web programmer who has used Flash, it is 100% a issue. They're not going through a proper set of callbacks to authorize the plugin and are instead assuming it has permissions. That's terrible coding that leads to a terrible user experince. But what I do know? I only get paid for this stuff. lol