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Watching on a Mac?

When I try to watch Live TV from on my Mac (connected to my home Spectrum wi-fi),  I get this message:


"Unable to Complete Request

We're sorry, something didn't work quite right. Please try again later."


Please advise.  Thanks.




Re: Watching on a Mac?

What browser? Is flash enabled?
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Re: Watching on a Mac?

So I'd tried Safari, Firefox and Chrome a number of times over the last few days and none of them was working.  Today Firefox and Chrome are still failing (flash is enabled, by the way, so that's not it) but suddenly Safari is working.  Don't know why but I'm not arguing with success.  Thanks anyway.


Re: Watching on a Mac?

I worked on my cheapo Android tablet for hours today with a similar problem, completely reinstalled the OS.  I ended up phoning Spectrum, which I really try not to do because their customer service is so poor, and they said there was a glitch on their end.

I told them that I'd had terrible service, in general, with the Spectrum app and that if they really cared they should knock some $ off of my bill, afterall, I wasn't getting what I was paying for.

If you can beileve this,   the representative told me that the Spectrum app was "a courtesy" and that it was not part of my service.

I have complained until I'm blue in the face to the clowns at Spectrum and although they say they care, I actions show that they really don't.