Watching ABC Show on Macbook Pro

Trying to watch Greys Anatomy on ABC.COM


On my WINDOWS Laptop

Go to, select Greys Anatomy, then select season/show, it starts playing automatically Smiley Very Happy

(I dont remember logging in spectrum account on my windows laptop before, so account info is not cached. It is probably sensing that i am home and on spectrum internet and authenticating me)



Go to, select Greys Anatomy, then it gives me option to select service provider. among the list of DISH, Direct TV, ATT, Spectrum etc.

If I select SPECTRUM it gives me http 550 some web error code Smiley Sad

If I select any other service provider, like ATT or DISH, it gives me login page


So my problem is, on MACBOOK Pro, i am not even getting option to login to my SPECTRUM page.


This problem was too complicated for Spectrum technical support to understand. Smiley Mad Meanwhile, i pay for service on time, and i often get marginalized by Spectrum services.

Community Manager

Re: Watching ABC Show on Macbook Pro

Are you have the same issue using the Spectrum TV app?  Changing the password will force a system update and usually resolves most access issues.   On Demand programming is also available at  Please let us know if the issue continues.