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WUC-1002 error not solved

I am getting the WUC-1002 error when trying to use  spectrum tv on my computer. It is very frustating to pay so much for this service and not get fully functioning devices, apps and internet. I have had nothing but problems with this company for the two months i have used their services. The cable boxes do not sync to each other(even though they are "new technology"), they constantly fail to record our shows, the guide error 0002 pops up five times a day and the internet drops out all the time. I had COX in before, and time warner years ago and they were both great. Why can't Spectrum get it right. Why is everything difficult. I know I am not the only one that is having these issues so i guess they just don't care. 


Re: WUC-1002 error not solved

You have several separate issues here. Have you called for a tech to come out and check all the physical lines, connections, splitters, etc. to ensure there is no obvious sign of damage? If internet drops out all the time, guide errors, and DVR not recording... this is where to start.  You need to call for service.


The boxes not syncing with each other is Spectrum not supporting whole home DVR. I personally use TiVo devices instead of the leased boxes and they do sync. Spectrum TV, whether through a browser or through the app, has it's own set of problems but having an unstable connection definitely makes it worse.