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Re: TWC TV APP Unavailable - AGAIN on PC

@drevo wrote:
TWC-TimK-- What exactly is Time Warner doing to fix this problem?

When I posted this reply 2 weeks ago, this was a known issue, but it has since been resolved. There are no general issues currently affecting TWC TV. I have tested the site, personally, and do not experience issues. Many issues with TWC TV turn out to be unresolved network problems, after we have investigated. If you are experiencing issues, we recommend the basics, first, such as clearing cache/cookies, reinstalling flash, trying a different browser. If those do not work, you may want to check your connection either on your own, using our forums, or by contacting us directly at @Forums_Help. Keep in mind, that they would not have us troubleshooting the problem, if it was a known issue, as that requires people who are being paid by the company to do so.


Re: TWC TV APP Unavailable - AGAIN on PC

This is a disingenuous answer at best. TWC TV has been plagued by constant issues with buffering, resetting, black screens, "service unavailable", advertising-loops. As a network engineer, I've done local packet captures and see that the remote side is resetting the connection each time this occurs. When that happens, if the buffering stops and playback resumes, the video stream is served up by a completely different IP address than the one before it. But since no-one from your CDN department has any contact with any support reps, and there is no escalation path even from Tier III to your CDN team, there is no way to engage at a technical level with the team responsible for your PRODUCT. 


You might be experiencing a coincidental subsididing of the symptom after you have your less technical users go through your dog and pony show troubleshooting steps, but I assure you, the issue returns for even them. But like me, and why I haven't posted here for 9 months until yesterday, they have given up hope that Time Warner ever plans to fix this broken, underspec'd, over utilized and ancient platform.



Re: TWC TV APP Unavailable - AGAIN on PC

Wow a TWC/Spectrum employee says they are aware of the issue.. this is the FIRST time I have seen that it an issue on their end (which is super obvious). No local channels here regardless of platform I am using.