Spectrum TV Website Video Unavailable

Ever since May of this year after my three computers installed the Windows 10 April Update (1803), two of them have been unable to use the Spectrum TV website. I get the error message posted below. It works in Internet Explorer but not Microsoft Edge. I have tried clearing the cache and cookies, resetting the browser, and resetting Adobe Flash. I've also disabled my ad blocker. The only solution I have found to work is a clean installation of Windows 10 which on one of my computers was okay but is not an option for another computer. Is there any way to get this fixed? Why are the error messages so generic so that there is no way to figure out what actually is going wrong?0wdgr78ld4x01

Proven Sharer

Re: Spectrum TV Website Video Unavailable

You certainly have a valid question there, and I think you've correctly attributed your problem to Microsoft's software update 1803.  You'll need to ask Microsoft for answers since you said Spectrum was working fine until Microsoft changed your computer software.