Repeated buffering delays watching Super Bowl on KNBCDT 4

I'm a new subscriber to Specrum's Streaming TV.  While trying to watch the Super Bowl on KNBCDT 4, around every 3 to 5 minutes, the video freezes for around 15 seconds while more buffering takes place. Very dissapointing.


The likely response to this would be because "so many people are watching." And my response to that would be that everyone already knows that more people than usual are watching TV during the Super Bowl. And Spectrum should be ready for it.


If I were watching today using a "cable box" would the video pause for buffering? I seriously doubt it. I think Specrum has rolled out this service without it being ready. As noted in another post previously, all the premium channels I agreed to pay extra for still don't appear in the menu. 


Re: Repeated buffering delays watching Super Bowl on KNBCDT 4

I have been streaming Spectrum for more than a year now with no problems.  Make sure you are subscribing to sufficient bandwidth to keep from buffering.  I currently have a 200 mb download speed and have had no problems with 3 TVs streaming and 2 devices on the app.


on a side note, yes it is frustrating that Spectrum cannot put out a media announcement regarding the missing Music Choice and Premium channels.  Communication is key and this company has been much better than TWC but a fail for this issue.  All that is being relayed is that this is a known outage and engineers are working on the server issue.


Re: Repeated buffering delays watching Super Bowl on KNBCDT 4

I stream everyday and most of the time all day and never had so much 'buffering" as i have had in the last 2 hours watching the superbowl. Of course you know its our fault or our computers faults or we dont have enough bandwith. 


Re: Repeated buffering delays watching Super Bowl on KNBCDT 4

yeah, game was real bad at the beginning on broadcast TV and DirecTv's SD feed

That was cleared up after 10 minutes though.

 Were you at home or out somewhere?



Re: Repeated buffering delays watching Super Bowl on KNBCDT 4

I'm very happy to hear that you normally have no problem with your Spectrum TV stream. I carefully analyzed every streaming option out there, and came to the conclusion that Spectrum offers a reasonable amount of the most popular channels, plus the local LA channels, and they offer PBS which you will not find from the other providers. Additionally they are offering the best deal out there for premium channels, the premium package for $15 per month, locked in for three years. 


I just moved recently, and thought that instead of using a "cable box" or a "satellite box" that I would see if Spectrum's streaming TV is up to the job. I have decades of professional experience working with broadcast and internet technologies. I have verified that I have 100 mbps download speed, and I'm watching on an up-to-date, fast, clean computer.


The reason  for the buffering today is not my 100mbps download speed being  too slow, or my equipment. It is because the infrastructure being managed by TW/Spectrum could not handle the load being placed on it during the Super Bowl.  You may not have experienced buffering because of your location, or your proximity to upstream amplifiers.


The streaming TV that I have watched over the past few days since sign-up have worked ok, without interruption for re-buffering, except I have noticed the video and audio out of sync a few times, once while watching ABC7 Los Angeles.ABC7 sends their broadcast to Spectrum via fiberoptic. At ABC7, they have more than half-a century of experience in sending out their signal, and they have many engineers there who monitor the quality of the product in real-time,  take measures to fix problems quickly, or switch to backup systems, and make things right again within seconds or minutes. ABC 7 was probably not sending out Jimmy Kimmel out-of-sync.


Premium channels unavailable for days and video and audio out-of sync are typical of the bottom-tier attention to real quality assurance we've all come to expect from our cable providers. The networks and major-market TV broadcasters do everything they can to never have their broadcast messed up in any way for even a second. The cable companies are notorius for overselling their resources and capabilities, and having poor customer service.


So for me today, the Super Bowl was butchered to pieces. And I am not really suprised. 


But, in any case, it is relieving to hear that Spectrum Streaming TV usually works fine, at least for you. I will stick with it and perhaps my streaming experiences will improve. After all, I think it's the best deal for me., if it will work well enough.

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Re: Repeated buffering delays watching Super Bowl on KNBCDT 4

Good morning!


I am sorry to hear your experience had been such a poor one. 


I encourage you to seek support on the Internet connection. We did not 

have a known issues with over utilization during the game yesterday, I suspect that 

although your speedtest looks okay there is an underlying issue with the connection

causing the App to drop connection. If this happens even for a normally undetectable  span it can cause buffering.


You can seek direct support through 


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum



If you prefer to have your peers here look into possible connectivity issues

I would encourage you to start a thread in the connectivity portion of the 



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Re: Repeated buffering delays watching Super Bowl on KNBCDT 4

The buffering had nothing to do with connection speed or equipment on the user's end.   I also experienced this horrible buffering and it pretty much ruined the game for me and my family.   As soon as the game was over, so was the buffering.   The "This is Us" episode that was broadcast on the same station with the same setup had absolutely no buffering and this was the first time I've ever experienced this.   So please don't try to tell us it's our fault when it was very clearly the fault of Spectrum.


Re: Repeated buffering delays watching Super Bowl on KNBCDT 4

I also tried to watch the SuperBowl using  TWSpectrum's Live Tv on KNBC here in So Cal.  It was constantly buffering.  I ended up doing a Google search and saw that NBC Sports online was offering it for free.  Watched it on there, and there was no buffering.