Remote Streaming,

I do not understand why all of the channels are not available remotely away from my residence.  I do not need to stream when I am at home the only useful feature of the streaming of live shows is when you are away from home and only a few channels are available.


(:  very sad




Re: Remote Streaming,

The channels themselves are what determine what is and isn't available away from home to stream on our app. The point of streaming while in home would be to be able to use the app without a cable box. This reduces some costs of having a cable box and allows the use anywhere in the home. 


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Re: Remote Streaming,

2 reasons, Cable theft

and TWC was unwilling to pay for the bandwidth outside of the RR intranet



Re: Remote Streaming,

Bandwidth is not the issue. Each channel has licensing agreements. Some allow streaming outside the house, some allow it through their own app, and some don't allow it at all.


Re: Remote Streaming,

I've been frustrated with this situation as well. Spectrum TV gets me through boring days at college and it's missing the full lineup lol. I had a professor that babbled nonsense everyday, so I whipped out my spectrum tv website. I do believe the statement that individual stations limit if they can be streamed.
It's nice that I can do individual apps, but it is convenient to get everything through the spectrum app. I have been using the spectrum app somewhat in my home, but it never will replace the cable boxes. Hopefully these individual networks will come to their senses.