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Local Channels Missing 5/13/2018 (resolved 5/2018)

The app has been working fine for a couple of weeks but as of this afternoon all the local channels have gone missing.


Anyone else having this?




Re: Local Channels Missing

Yes.  It was fine yesterday but not now.


Re: Local Channels Missing

Yes it just happened I called them they said that they are having problem across all apps including the Roku

Re: Local Channels Missing

Way to go Spectrum and the Cavs play shortly thanks God I have a cable box and an antenna
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Re: Local Channels Missing

Good afternoon!


I am sorry for the frustration this issue has caused you. 

We are aware of an issue and are working to restore full functionality to the service and will have things back up and running normally as quickly as possible. 



Julia R.
Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care
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Re: Local Channels Missing 5/13/2018

I knew that when it stopped working with the error code that it was probably doing some sort of an update because I was getting that on all of my platforms except regular television. After about an hour the app became available again however I am missing some channels on the app only. Those channels are just fine on my regular TV through the cable box. I don't understand why you guys had to monkey around with the app. Please get this fixed. I never had these kind of app issues before when it was TWC.