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Live Sports Searches are Often Incomplete @ Spectrum TV website

Hi Spectrum,


Here is just one example relating to this topic. I can key in boxing on my cable box and see all the live shows forthcoming for the next two weeks.  But when I search for any live boxing using Remote DVR Manager (at Spectrum TV), by simply keying the sport "boxing" on Spectrum TV's website, the live shows are incomplete.


For example, tonight there is a World Championship fight on ESPN at 9PM (CST.) May 4th, 2019) on ESPN Channel 30, which shows in the Time Grid Picture below, but must be recorded from the Time Grid when using Remote DVR Manager or on the box itself.  If I use Remote DVR Manager's Search, the show does not come up for recording.


If I do select the Boxing catagory in the Search results at Spectrum TV.com, almost all of what I get is On Demand Content.  This has been this way for a very long time.


How many of you have no trouble at all finding Sports searches on your boxes, but can't find them using Remote DVR Manager at Spectrum TV?


Spectrum Web site.jpgESPN (30) Has Recordable Show.Spectrum TV Site Incomplete results (1).jpgSearch for any of these Boxing Programs Don't Show the Live ESPN Show.