Linux - any Linux?

I've been trying different distributions and browsers and haven't had any success getting this site to work.  It really comes down to flash and DRM.  It works on my chromebooks, macs and Windows computers.  I have a use case where I need this to run on a desktop on wifi connected to a TV. 


Anyone have any success with Linux of any kind/configuration?  My next steps are to try anbox, chrome os on my desktop or Android x86.


Flash is going away at the end of this calendar year so something is going to have to change.  I'll gladly be a beta tester for this new site.

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Re: Linux - any Linux?

Hi.  The spectrum.net streaming platform is only supported on  Windows 8.1+, Windows 10, or Mac OS 10.12+.   I included a link to SpectrumTV that you might find helpful, including in the future when updates are announced.  


Re: Linux - any Linux?

Yeah, I get that's the official line (which is total crap, BTW).  I was posting to a forum with other people hoping that someone would have found some configuration that worked.  I've had it working sporadically on Linux before but can't seem to replicate my settings.  I get that desktop Linux has a small market share - only about 2% - but it's growing and even 2% of the Spectrum user base is still a big number.  It does work on ChromeOS (a version of Linux) and Android (another version of Linux).


As I said before, I'd also be open to testing the next version of the flash-free web site if it is in development.  If it's not in development yet, you should probably get started since flash will be dead by the end of this year.