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Flash Upgrade on Mac

Mac OS X 10.6.8

First time user attempting to watch TV from my Laptop.

"upgrade Flash" prohibiting me from having success.

Have installed the upgrade twice and still not letting me watch.


Any suggestions?




Re: Flash Upgrade on Mac

What browser are you using? I am able to watch on both my Macbook Pro and Mac Mini with no issues. There is one of the big 3 browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) that gives me problems but I can't remember which one. I'll check tonight.


EDIT:  The app worked fine on all browsers on my Macs.


Re: Flash Upgrade on Mac

If you're on Safari, go to watch.spectrum.net, then open Safari Preferences, click on the Security tab, then click on Plug-In Settings and look for Adobe Flash Player and make sure it's checked in the left hand column, then look in the right hand column for watch.spectrum.net and choose on, then click done. Google has also implemented a similar feature in the latest Chrome, to turn flash on open Chrome, go to Settings>Show Advanced Settings and click on Content Settings under Privacy and look for Flash and choose the option you want, if you just want to add spectrum as an exception use watch.spectrum.net.


edit -  this might also help if you're on an older version of OSX