Fix DVR manager???

The DVR manager online hasnt worked right in months... I can view the guide fine and try to schedule recordings. Some go through, some do not. I can view my recordings list, but I cannot view my scheduled recordings or the priority list.  Alls I get are a black page, the headings are at the top, but no list ever loads. Havent been able to see these list in months, so its very hard to manage anything. The scheduled heading shows that there are conflicts, but I cant view them to see what the issue is. The other issue is that alot of my series are not being recorded, so I have missed episodes... On the other hand shows are being recorded, that were cancelled a long time ago. Also, when a series is chosen to record, it seems the dvr records every episode at every time slot that its on, so of course the dvr fills up fast. I dont seem to be able to control anything on my end.  There is also no control on the tv itself.

I have checked everything on my end, nothing has changed, as they have always worked mostly  fine up until about a month ago.

I am at the point of cancelling DVR service...


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Re: Fix DVR manager???



I apologize for the frustration.  Are you logging in use the main user name on the account, or using a sub account?  Have you tried refreshing the services and restarting the modem?  

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Re: Fix DVR manager???

Logging in on the main account. I access through the TWC/Spectrum main page or through a favorite on my browser. I have reset the box, reset the modem, checked all my settings. It makes no sense. The  dvr manager pages all load, except the scheduled recordings and the priority list. So I have no way to control/ manage my scheduled recordings.

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Re: Fix DVR manager???

Are you able to load this information from the DVR directly? 


If the DVR is recording shows that have been deleted from the list that should 

record I would say there is something wrong with the equipment.


if the cable box its self is not in proper communication with our network this 

could create the inability to use the DVR manage to its full extent but would 

not cause the problems with the DVR recording items that have been deleted

from the list on the DVR itself. 


I would suggest swapping the DVR. If you still have problems 24-48 hours after the 

swap please contact us directly for further troubleshooting with the connection.


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Re: Fix DVR manager???

I cannot manage the DVR from the box or on line at watch.sprctrum.net, which is where I usually  do it. I am planning to swap the box and hope that takes care of the problem.