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DVR Manager Dont Work

I'm unable to add new recordings or cancel existing recordings from the DVR Manager. When I select record options on a show, nothing happens
Spectrum Employee

Re: DVR Manager Dont Work


1.  DVR not paired

2. DVR mis-coded in billing system

3. DVR needs hits (command signals to update it) sent

4. Software bug in the app itself?

5. Re-install the app once #1, #2, and #3 are done.

6. Too high or low signal power levels for the cable box, and it can't communicate through the internet back to your device/phone/whatever.


First 3 can be resolved over-the-phone -- billing system related troubleshooting.

Last one on the list would likely be advisable to schedule an appointment (and can get advice from other peers on what to try if you're ok with a little bit of DIY if it can save you time).

It could also be a known issue and I've just not heard about it personally (i.e. #4), in which case all you or I can do is to add your account to the open ticket as an example and wait for the software engineers to fix it.



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