At my wits end with watch.spectrum.net

I am at my wits end with watch.spectrum.net. Whenever I am trying to watch TV and there is a commercial break, after the second commercial, the video just stops. I have to refresh the page, which brings me back to channel 1, then I have to switch back to the channel I was watching. When the next commercial break plays, I have to do this all over again. The website is unusable. 


I am using the new Chromium based Microsoft Edge browser which is fully up to date. I have tried:

  • Clearing cache and temporary files
  • disabling my add blocker
  • resetting the browser
  • doing a factory reset on the computer
  • rebooting my router, modem, and cable box

Spectrum support has been of no help either. I have this problem on multiple devices so I honestly don't think my computer or software is the problem.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: At my wits end with watch.spectrum.net

Good morning!



Does this happen when you are using an alternate browser? 




Re: At my wits end with watch.spectrum.net

The only two broswers I have used are Legacy Edge and the new Edge, which are two entierly different browsers. I have the same issue on both.


I suppose it is worth mentioning that this doesn't happen on all channels. I've been watching TVLNDHD (47) for an hour or so and it hasn't happened once but when I watch CCHD (50) it happens every commercial.

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Re: At my wits end with watch.spectrum.net

I think it could be a computer memory issue,


My Toshiba laptop is almost six years old, a $300 budget thing. And it can do basic writing, browsing, and YouTube videos. Any kind of HD streaming on Spectrum TV.net or video content with Flashplayer, it just stutters on Firefox and doesn't even play on Microsoft Edge Chromium.  This above information is the same with the new HBO Max service.


In contrast, my Dell desktop has 8GB RAM, streams the above sites like a dream and works great!  It seems that you need at least 8GB of RAM and a decent graphics card to be able to do the HD type of streaming required at Spectrum TV.net and the other above sites that I mentioned where my cheap laptop has always had issues for years.


Jn my case, both computers run Windows 10 version 1909 and are up-to-date The laptop update to Windows 10, was an upgrade from Windows 8.1.  Back when it had Windows 8,1, it had the same streaming problems.  A hardware related and memory related incident for the laptop, that is preventing the viewing of streaming data on HD video sites.




Re: At my wits end with watch.spectrum.net

While I appreicate the suggestion, I don't believe this to be caused by my computer.

To test it I had two devices, one of which is a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (i5/8GB/256GB), streaming the same channel. When the commercial came, they each played different commercials, then the stream stopped on both of them.


I believe it is an issue with the server Spectrum ads stream from not handing off the information that the ad has concluded. But I don't think I'm going to get any help from Spectrum. I've contacted them in the past for issues with the watch.spectrum.net site and they weren't of any help.


Re: At my wits end with watch.spectrum.net

Having the same issue.  Stops after the second commercial.