And again the app is down

Couldn't you have just changed the name on the Time Warner app and left it alone? At least it didn't go down all the time
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Re: And again the app is down

It is our understanding that the issue with the Spectrum App has been 



If you are still experiencing issues please let us know. 


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Re: And again the app is down

Back up for Android 6, still down for ROKU 3.  Now have a beautiful start page but never gets to asking for log in credentials. I am on my home network and had no problems with the previous version. Bring back the previous iteration untill you fix this. Still missing channels which are available on the DTA box


Re: And again the app is down

The Roku app is now working on my Roku stick but not my Roku 3.

Re: And again the app is down

I just reinstalled the app and it worked. Maybe give that a try?

Re: And again the app is down

Honestly, please get the senior mentors back to recode the " IE BROWSER".  I'll make an offer I can code 20 fold better than what your paying for your in house for half the price!  With no benefits..... I would be gald to do this for the majority if need be.. "PRO BONO"


Regards, Z Channel....

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Re: And again the app is down

I have tried several times to uninstall, reinstall, reset, reboot, unplug, change password, every solution in could find on here.  ive spoken with a rep and chatted on line with one.  Nothing works.  I can't log into the spectrum app on my laptop, my phone or my tablet.  When will this get resolved???