Won't connect

I just downloaded the WIFI finder app and can see all the hotspots in my area but I cannot connect to any. My WIFI on my phone is on but I don't see an yoption to connect to any of them and the app says that I 'm not connected to the internet. Am I simply not seeing the option to connect?

Lead Moderator

Re: Won't connect

Access is free for our Internet customers with minimum Standard or Extreme Internet service. We also offer a Free Trial and prepaid Access Pass options for all other users, but only on the TWCWiFi network.



Our primary network that also offers guest access.

  1. On selecting the TWCWiFi network name, open your browser and the TWCWiFi sign-in portal will appear.
  2. If you're a qualified Internet customer, enter your TWC ID and password.
  3. If you're not a qualified Internet customer, click the Guest tab and request either a 30-minute Free Trial or purchase an Access Pass.
  4. Accept the Terms of Use, click Submit and connect.


Our most secure network provides WPA2 enterprise grade encryption for any data sensitive transactions.

  1. On selecting the TWCWiFi-Passpoint network name, your device's native sign- in screen will appear.
  2. Sign in using your TWC ID and password and connect.
  3. Note: sign-in prompts differ based on your device’s operating system.


For use when you travel outside of our serviceable area and don't see TWCWiFi.

  1. Select the CableWiFi network name and open your browser.
  2. Select Time Warner Cable as your service provider.
  3. Enter your TWC ID and password.
  4. Accept the Terms of use and connect.

Boingo Hotspots

Found in major airports and popular locations like malls and restaurants.

  1. Select the Boingo Hotspot network name and open your browser.
  2. Select Time Warner Cable from the dropdown list of Internet service providers and click log in.
  3. On the next screen enter your TWC ID and password and connect.