Wifi finder and non-twc hotspots

Ever since I installed wifi finder on my galaxy s4, I am having a difficult time connecting to non-twc hotspots that require webpage login.  It seems that wifi finder intercepts the request to open the webpage and wifi finder tells me I'm connected but I'm not.  Takes forever to actually get connected if I ever do.  Eventually, wifi finder will tell me that I need to login and shows me the webpage in wifi finder.  Then I can log in but this can be up to 5 minutes after I actually try to connect.  The page used to just show up in chrome and I'd connect.  No more.  Uninstalling wifi finder doesn't seem  to help now.  Anyone have ideas?

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Re: Wifi finder and non-twc hotspots



Unfortunately, we are unable to support Wifi Hotspots in this department.  We ask that you contact Wifi Support at 1-888-851-9350.  


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