Unable to connect to TWC Passpoint or Spectrum Wif +

 This has been an ongoing issue for me for weeks now. I am unable to connect to either TWC Passpoint or Spectrum Wifi + hotspots.

I've contacted Hotspot Support multiple times not to mention have had to start over because they keep closing tickets without verification from me that it's working or not. I have a list of yet another ticket number in a list that is now 5 tickets long, and here are all of the things I have tried;

  1. Change passwords - done 3 times.
  2. Confirmed MAC address for my Wireless Adapter is authorized - done.
  3. Download the app - nope this is my laptop NOT a mobile device.
  4. The last call with tech support, I was told to download a security certificate to connect - yet, he wouldn't walk me through this step - he told me to Google it and watch some videos.

I'm running W10 Pro 64bit. Anyone who has a solution other than change your password, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


BTW, my mobile devices connect with no problem.


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Re: Unable to connect to TWC Passpoint or Spectrum Wif +



HotSpots are supported by a separate team.  For assistance, please contact HotSpot support directly, they can be reached at1-888-851-9350.