TWCWiFi & SpectrumWiFi Plus too slow to

I'm currently at in Plano, TX.  The TWC and Spectrum WiFi hotspots are so slow they are unusable.  I find this issue happens far too often when I try to use these public hotspots.  You sold me on the ability to join wifi when I am out and about, but I'm finding this service more useless than useful.  What gives?  The app doesn't let me report issues.  I'm connected to my phone with my PC right now burning my data plan to complain to anyone who will listen.


Re: TWCWiFi & SpectrumWiFi Plus too slow to

complain to the hotspot support group, sounds like it's modem has a connectivity issue..

 The business owner may be able to call this in as well as they will know their account number.

It has it's own seperate modem and is not on the same as the separate business data and telephone modems...