TWCWIFI not password protected

Hello, when I am out and about. My phone is set to automatically connect. But I keep getting a WI-FI Alert!
"TWCWIFI" is not password protected. Are you sure you want to stay connected? Then I can check Disconnect or Stay connected. Why can't I enter a password to make connection secure? I do have a screen shot if you would like to see. Can you please help? Thank you, Mark

Re: TWCWIFI not password protected



What is the device (make/model of phone) that you are attempting to connect to a wireless network? There is likely a setting that needs to be adjusted on this device. 

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Re: TWCWIFI not password protected

The connection is secure. You are getting that message because you aren't inputting the password into your WiFi settings. You are logging into the WiFi with your MyAccount information to gain access.

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