TWCWIFI-Passpoint Profile

How do I install my TWCWIFI-Passpoint Profile on a Moblie device. Without having to use the TWC WIFI Finder app? Iask because I have a older gen iPad and every time I try to open the app it crashes. This also happens on my older gen iPhone. Because the app itself got updated to support iOS 7 or newer. And my devices run iOS 5. So they had to download a older version of the app. I already registered both devices on the TWC MyWifi site. But wanted to now if I could download my profile to that they auto connect to near by hotspots.

Re: TWCWIFI-Passpoint Profile

Somewhere in your my account pages on internet , maybe under MY Internet. you can activate a device you will need to find the MAC address of the phone under network or some such and fill it in on the page, You should be good to go for that device after being registered.