TWC 1 hour Guest Access

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet which has Sprint Connections Optimizer installed (unable to uninstall).

At various locations where Guest Access via TWC WiFi is allowed with a 1 hour password, I am unable to connect.  My browser automatically tells me my time has expired (when in fact it has been weeks since I have been able to use it.)


I have Stopped & Cleared Cache/Data on the Sprint Connections Optimizer, and the Chrome Browser (within the browser settings & also via the tablet app settings).


I have "forgotten" cleared the connection within the WiFi settings.


As this does not happen at just one location, it is not as simple as resetting a hotspot.  Something is stuck in the tablet. What am I missing?

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Re: TWC 1 hour Guest Access

Have you tried installing the TWC WiFi Finder and logging into it with your MyAccount information so that it automatically connects you to any nearby TWC WiFi?

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Re: TWC 1 hour Guest Access

Thank you - I have not tried that.  In fact I am home today trying to resolve this problem, and as I open Chrome, the home page is continually trying to redirect to TWC and tells me I have used my free 1 hour.


HOWEVER I do think I have resolved the issue.


Within Chrome

  * Close the first webpage that opens... close any webpages... open a basic "google search" page

  * Using the 3 dots Upper Right corner to get to Settings

  * Click on Site Settings

  * Scroll to the very bottom - Storage

  * Here I had a TWC Wifi item "stuck"... I clicked on the item then clicked Delete / Clear & Reset


I did have to do this a few times as it kept returning... it was at this point I realized the "home page" was stuck hence the first item on my solution list.

Once I was able to remove the item and it did not return, for good measure, I also closed Chrome, and went to Tablet Settings, Application, and did a Clear Cache / Clear Data.  I don't believe this step was necessary but it felt like a good measure.


Re: TWC 1 hour Guest Access

Shoot. This DID NOT resolve the issue.

Re: TWC 1 hour Guest Access

Is this a device from Sprint?

They're trying to force you to their network....

If so I have a connection there that may have a solution...