Sharing WI-fi - Against TOS ?

I'm curious if deliberately sharing wi-fi access (without being a recognized hotspot) is against Spectrum's TOS?


Our local Museum had no internet access. The Museum tells visitors it is okay to connect to a wi-fi signal of a private business across the street. That business has said it is okay to connect to their wi-fi. Isn't it against the TOS to deliberately share a wireless signal to the public without paying to be a public hotspot ?


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wifi hotspots are generally open. and insecure



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I agree Wi-fi is almost always insecure.


I found a TOS at: https://www.spectrum.com/policies/twc-wifi-terms.html


Visitors without a Spectrum account are connecting for free using the ID and password of the business. The TOS seem to indicate for FREE access you need to be an authorized employees of the business who has the wi-fi or a Spectrum customer at a qualifying level. Other people who connect must purchase an Access Pass.

If non-Spectrum customers are connecting for free, it would seem that the business with the wi-fi signal is violating their TOS. I'm sure many businesses and residents with wi-fi probably look the other way.


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Again it depends on the business across the streets TOS.

Is it a TWC biz connection or is it a colocated TWC wifi hotspot?

The hotspots are a totally seperate modem and a Rukus smart access point and are not connected to the biz class service.

I've got places with 3 modems... one for phone, one for the biz internet and a 3rd for the wifi hotspot. (and the biz class also has 2.4 &5.8 gHz wireless running)



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From your own description, it sounds like the museum and the business providing the 'donor' WiFi access already have a service sharing agreement in place.   If you believe that their WiFi sharing practice is degrading your own home internet connection, you should ask one of the moderators for their opinion regarding TOS.