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Hello, where do I go to report a hotspot that has stopped working? It was terrible all day yesterday.
Almost perpetually since yesterday, it has had that little warning traffic sign next to its name on the wifi list on my computer.
Today, I tried to log in, but for no reason my account got deactivated. The nice customer service over the phone said they reactivated it, but now I can't even check, because the service is so bad, that when I connect to the TWC website through your hotspot, it tells me I am not connected to TWC wifi. Which is not true.

Anyway, I just want to report this to someone. I assume you guys like to know what is broken so you can fix it.

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Is this Your business Hotspot, are you using it as customer traffic,  business  hotspots can time out, depending on how the owner of the spot sets it up..  Call Business class and ask for support, if it's your business hotspot, and need help.


Use Wi FI Secure Pass Point if you are a tw customer, instead of open wifi, it may not time out, I have not tested locally.

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Thanks for the information.  For all issues with HotSpots, including log in and poor connections, please contact our HotSport support directly at 1-888-851-9350 .   If the issue is not resolved, please let us know.  


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