How Can I Cancel HotSpot Request?

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I accidently made a request to be a hotspot for TWC. I was trying to figure out the TWC wifi finder app.  I was trying to get a list of hotspots to connect to. I thought Request a Hotspot on the app was to get a list of hotspots. Instead it was a request to be a hotspot provider. PLease cancel the request or tell me how to do it. Thanks




Re: How Can I Cancel HotSpot Request?

Are you a business customer? If so, TWC would come out and install a modem and a Ruckus dual band Access Point



Re: How Can I Cancel HotSpot Request?

I suspect it was a general request for Hotspot, not an order, I would not worry about it, its like a suggestion box, Unless you literally placed an order with prices choices of levels and such, you are all right, nothing to worry about.

Re: How Can I Cancel HotSpot Request?

@ MsRaye and jhf5

Thanks to both for the replies.

I hope they don't accept my request because I am not a TWC business customer. I'm just a TWC regular customer.


I was using the wifi finder app for the first time and misunderstood the Request Hotspot location for geting  a list of TWC hotspots available in the area.


I just figured out it was the icon on the bottom to get a list of TWC  hotspots in the area.







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Re: How Can I Cancel HotSpot Request?

@jhf5 is correct, this option is simply a way to show interest in having a Wi-Fi Hotspot in 

that area. We take into consideration how many requests we have in a given area and 

try to work that into our expansion plans.


No worries about having ordered something you did not intend.


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Re: How Can I Cancel HotSpot Request?

I have tried to request a hotspot be installed in the apartment building that Ireside in a common area which would serve the whole building (specifically a laundry room in our basement). I tried to call TWC with no success as I was routed around and dismissed as I am not the building owner.


As someone who has worked with other cable companies at my place of business, I know that it's in the cable company's best interest to blanket and area with their hotspots to provide an added level of service to their customes and they value the partnership. The other cable company contacted my place of business and requested permission to install external hotspots free of charge! During negotiation, we requested that they install a few indoor APs as well. After a few months, the project was done and we were now a hotspot (EVEN THOUGH WE WEREN"T A CUSTOMER). It was a mututally beneficial arrangement and we now provide many of our customers with a free service.


I can't imagine that if TWC/Spectrum spoke with our management company and asked for permission to install a free hotspot in one or two laundry rooms that they would turn it down. As Verizon has surrounded our building and is likely negotiating to bring service into our building, giving your customers extra incentive not to switch carriers would be a great idea. If someone from your hotspot division wanted more information, have them call or email me.