Have Earthlink Extreme-No WiFi?

Have Earthlink Extreme. It's not on the list of plans that are NOT eligible for TWC Wifi at no additional charge. But, when trying to sign on, it says me ID/Password is invalid(Using the same to get on here). I have tried many times. Any help is appreciated.


Re: Have Earthlink Extreme-No WiFi?

Where are you? at home or a hotspot?


At home you can put in your own router with wireless and get wireless for free.


The Eartlink account doesn't include TWC wifi hotspot access.



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Re: Have Earthlink Extreme-No WiFi?

Unfortunately, since you are not a Spectrum subscriber, you would not be eligible for the Free Wireless 

through our Spectrum Hot Spots. You would need to subscribe to Standard Internet or higher to be eligible for this perk. 


If you would like to switch your plan to Spectrum service you would be able 

to make use of all that we have to offer.