manage dvr from a second location

I have two Spectrum accounts at two separate locations.

Location One has internet and tv with dvr.

Location Two has internet only.

At Location One I can connect to my online account using my Spectrum internet or my Google Fiber internet and manage the dvr using the Chrome browser on a desktop computer or Firefox on iMac.

The problem occurs when I attempt to manage the Location One dvr from Location Two.  When I am at Location Two and connect (Windows 10 and Chrome) to my account at Location One using either Spectrum internet or AT&T internet, I am unable to view the guide or to manage the dvr at Location One.  I was able to do this in the past.


Any ideas what is causing this problem? 


I am wondering whether cookies or other settings at Location Two are preventing the access that I need to the dvr at Location One.  Clearing the browser cache (Location Two) has not helped.  Re-booting the dvr (Location One) has not helped.   Using the Spectrum TV app does not help because it does not allow me to manage the dvr.  Thanks for any assistance.



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Re: manage dvr from a second location



Is the computer the same? Does it automatically log you in at location 2 with your location one login or with your location 2 login? 


When you delete the cookies are you also deleting the history and cache?




Re: manage dvr from a second location

Thanks Julia, I believe your followup question has helped me understand what is happening.


When I navigate to the Watch Spectrum site using my Location Two computer, I am most likely already signed in to my Location Two Spectrum service, which does not have tv/dvr.


If I am attentive and sign out of that account, I can then sign in to the Location One account to manage my Location One dvr remotely.  


I believe things are working as intended.  Being able to manage the dvr remotely is an important component of my Spectrum bundle of services.  


Thanks for your assistance.  I believe this issue if fully resolved.