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I 've had a Spectrum 101-H Set-Top Box DCR installed and wired to my  HDMI input equipped TV. Prior to this installation I had  a VCR connected to the TV . The VCR was connected to the Spectrum cable/antenna input terminal and to the TV  antenna input jack using a plug-in RF cable. I have been unsuccessful in getting my VCR to work since this set-top box was installed. Where can I find instructions or can someone tell me how to connect my VCR using this set-top box? 


Re: Setting Up Set-Top Box /VCR/TV

You should direct connect the VCR to the tv via RCA cables or coax if the tv has either of these types of connections. Then use the input or source button on your tv remote to access the VCR.

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Re: Setting Up Set-Top Box /VCR/TV

What are you planning to do with the VCR?


Do you want to record programs?  Do you want to simply watch tapes?


Playback is easy.  I'd recommend using RCA cables to connect the VCR's output to your TV (which, if it has HDMI, should have at least one Composite Video connection).  You would use your TV's remote to switch inputs from HDMI to Composite.


If you plan to use the VCR to record shows, it gets a bit more complicated...


Re: Setting Up Set-Top Box /VCR/TV

You're out of luck on the record side as the 101 does not have rf ch 4 or composite video outputs.  You need the larger cable box (the one with a clock)

it has composite video outputs.