Remote DVR functionality

When will we have boxes that come even remotely close to having basic DVR functionality?
I’ve been stuck with the new Worldbox and Spectrum guide and no access to DVR functions or status from the app or website.
Only recently did they cobble together a fix so one can schedule a recording from the app, but there’s no way of knowing it worked without looking at your tv. About 75% of the time the app says the recording could not be scheduled, but sometimes it’s on the list of scheduled recordings on the DVR.
Being able to remotely schedule and view a list of recordings is basic functionality and has been available for more than 10 years.
This has been broken since these new boxes rolled out.
Is there any ETA at all on a fix?
And no, I can’t swap it out for an older box. They’re not available from my local office. I was told I can request one from the warehouse but there’s no guarantee they’ll send an old one.
Community Manager

Re: Remote DVR functionality

We apologize for the frustration.  Our engineers are working on a fix for this known issue.  Unfortunately, there is not currently an ETA.  Please look for a future update that will include remote DVR functionality for Worldbox equipment.