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Time Warner Cable (now spectrum) put their equipment in our yard for my neighbors hookup. My husband asked them to move it while they were putting it out there. It is more than a foot on our property and we have to mow and trim around it. We already have a fire hydrant we have to deal with. Now we have to deal with the neighbors big box in our yard. How do I get this moved? ( There are already tensions with the neighbor planting trees on the line and putting stuff over the line. I am getting ready to put up a fence. So this needs to be moved onto her property.)


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. it is in the utility easement area and you have no control of what's there.... It won't get moved, plant some bushes around it....



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Yep...utility easements are completely out of your control and it will not get moved no matter how much you complain about it. The utility easement was probably noted on the site survey when you bought the house.

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Violating utility easements can also result in fines, depends on your city ordinances and state laws.  Avoid...

Besides, if it's difficult to get access to, it's likely the tap will be more likely to be neglected and that's not a good thing either in the long term.


Is this front-easement, side-easement, or rear-easement?  Would really recommend checking that out carefully.


Also, bushes grow and can make it impossible to open some pedestals if they aren't pruned, not without having to cut the bush down.  I'd recommend tall grasses.  They self repair easily and hide the pedestal without restricting access.  Seen an increasing trend in new home neighborhoods, and it's honestly way better than boxwood, honeysuckle, or holly bushes.  Just need long sleeves so not getting papercuts from the grass blade edges.  I guess it depends on what climate zone you live in for what'd work.


Oh and I've also seen some neighborhoods paint the pedestal lids.  No harm in doing painting the lid (at least not for cable, not sure what AT&T thinks about it).

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