No on demand for TV

HBO, etc. stopped working for on demand movies.  I tried resetting the cable TV box, but this did not nothing. 


The problem started with lts of pixelation and picture break up tonight while watching an on demand movie on HBO.  Now I get error cde 018.  "(Movie title) is currrently unavailable.  Please try again later."


Re: No on demand for TV

Sounds like there is a signal issue (loose connections, damaged coax, etc.) to that box. Do you have other set top boxes and do they exhibit the same behavior? Do you also have Spectrum internet and if so are you having dropouts?


I would make a service call to have a tech come out to check the wiring...everything from the box back to the drop.

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Re: No on demand for TV



Because On Demand is a "live transmission" a lot of times it can be wonky.  If you are still having problems tomorrow night, I agree with Reds that a tech visit is needed.


Before your tech visit, don't reboot any boxes, modems, or routers for six hours, to avoid resetting of the error codes to zero.  The tech needs to read those error codes when he comes,  Tune to On Demand so that he can get a signal reading when he is there.  Swapped boxes will never solve bad signals or inside outside lines.  All wiring , the drop, and the tap need to be checked.