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New Spectrum Guide Bug: Some Shows Are Not Recordable as Series

Hey Guys,


I don't have Spectrum Guide on my Cisco 9865 box, but there are reports around the Internet that some Spectrum Guide users have not been able to record some shows as a series.  (There is no Series Option when it should be there.)  And we have some other users,  ( I talked to one in Ohio running New Spectrum Guide that can not record ANY Shows as a series.  Sounds like a bug).  Community users if you are running the New Spectrum Guide and are affected by this bug:


1.) Please list your box make and model number

2.) Your state, city, and zip code

3.) If you can record either no series shows, or only some series shows.

4.) If you cannot record only some series shows, list the name of the show, and the channel of the series (relating to your location) that can not be recorded as a series.

5.) If you can also post screenshots of what you are seeing in the guide with series options that are not there, please post them.


*Note that in most cases, some live sports can not be recorded as a series due to the way that all of the Spectrum Guides are structured.  Because of Live games going into overtime and set start and end times, such functions would be very difficult to put into the guide.


*Also note that a series must be seasonal and episodic in nature to count as a series.  The program whether first run or syndicated must have been on, or be in the process of being shown each week for at least one season to count as a series.


For reference the New Spectrum Guide Time Grid looks like the image below.  Depending on guide settings, yours may have a lighter background.  The report of this bug is only in relation to the New Spectrum Guide.







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Re: New Spectrum Guide Bug: Some Shows Are Not Recordable as Series

Currently, we are not seeing other customers reporting an issue with recording or deleting series and there are no known issues that we have identified.  The option to delete should also be available in the series  manager.   Here is a link with detailed information. 



If there are specific examples, please do post them so we can investigate further.