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Confirmation For WHDVR and Spectrum Plan Needed

Hi Spectrum,


Need this question answered for reference in helping other customers, and the latest updated information on this topic:


If you switch from a legacy TWC plan to a Spectrum plan can you keep Whole House DVR for the duration of life support for your Whole House DVR boxes?


My understanding is that once any part of your Whole House DVR or playback boxes break and you are no longer on a legacy TWC plan, you can't get Whole House DVR anymore.  If you are on a legacy TWC plan with WHDVR, will Spectrum allow you to continue the service or not?


Finally, are there any plans for Spectrum to bring back Whole House DVR through ther new World Boxes?  The ideal set up would be not just one or two DVR's with playback only client boxes, (The current legacy TWC WHDVR configuration.)  But everyone gets DVR World boxes and each DVR has the ability to record and playback, (as well as pause_ any content in the home.


What is the latest on this?  Does policy vary by division?



Spectrum Employee

Re: Confirmation For WHDVR and Spectrum Plan Needed

Hi Satch,


If a legacy customer has WH-DVR service and wants to continue to have it, when they migrate to a Spectrum plan, it can remain enabled.  If they have an issue with a piece of equipment, and that needs to be swapped, Spectrum is able to support it, and still uses the DVR and playback boxes in the field.  Spectrum will just not install any new wh-dvr service, nor add the service to any existing accounts.  The accounts do need certain coding for the MOCA service to be enabled, and since they are legacy codes, there are issues with migrations if they are left off by mistake.  I would caution a subscriber that if they regularly use the WH-DVR feature, to ensure that whomever migrates their account, ensures it remains enabled, and not lost. 


Spectrum did not build MOCA into its Worldbox platform, so it is not compatible with the WH-DVR product that TWC offered. (MOCA has a high frequency of truck rolls)  There is a product in the works that will meet the need left open by this decision, but it is not mine to disclose, nor elaborate on at this time.   


But many still have the Arris 3600, Moto 3510, and Cisco 9865 DVRs out there and their respective playbacks, so if a swap is needed, one can be found. Some lucky standard dvr customers get the 6 tuners by chance, not knowing that TWC charged extra for them a few years back. 


Hope this helps!