Cloud DVR vs Receiver DVR

I miss the DVR service from Direct TV. I am using cloud DVR becasue it seemed simpler

to set up.  Why can't I stop live TV using cloud? My husband misses being able to pause, go get coffee and come back to where he was!!!

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Re: Cloud DVR vs Receiver DVR

Sorry for any service issues.  Here is a support link that you might find helpful.  

How to Record and View Programs on Cloud DVR


Re: Cloud DVR vs Receiver DVR

Hi BLR Newcomer,


I was considering dropping my Spectrum DVR receivers to save money and try out the cloud DVR service via the Spectrum App  on Roku.   I was wondering if you would be able to pause and rewind live TV if  you are not recording the program.   Based on  your post, it sounds like that is not possible?  Can you record the show after it starts, rewind, pause etc. then delete it? 

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