CableCard not working

I have a Cablecard which this makes the 6th card that doesnt work. First 2 would pair but wouldnt stay paired, and the last 4 won't work. I have a HDHomeRun Prime 3 and in the Diagnostics screen is states  "status: Not Staged" . Ive done My homework on this issue and by the Cisco documentation it states the "M-card module is not provisioned in the DNCS". And Ive contacted the Support department, and had a tech come out to my house, which he did put in a new drop line and tested the signal. All is good on my end, but I need to have someone at the Headend to look into the DNCS and verify all codes and revision file is intact, because Ive heard the DNCS can purge the file off if  CableCard has not been used for sometime. I need to have  someone look into this matter because Im being charged for a card thats not working. Ive done everything I can on my end. Please and thank you.

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Re: CableCard not working



We suggest contacting CableCard support directly at 1-866-532-2598.