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NEW-MY ACCOUNT WEBSITE! Feedback (For Everyone)

Hi Spectrum,


I have an  idea.  Mods may want to pin this topic.  Let's create collective feedback about the NEW Spectrum My Account Services website to make it the best that it can become.  Here is my feedback:


I really like the new design and the consolidation of information and services all in one place!  The only critique that I have at this time is that TV Management settings should include a link to DVR Management though a tab at the top of the page.  If it's there now, I can't find it, you have to scroll down  the page to get to DVR settings to manage your DVR online.



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Re: NEW-MY ACCOUNT WEBSITE! Feedback (For Everyone)

I like the new layout as well. What I would like to see is site consolidation, as in including my Spectrum Mobile account and possible merger of billing ALL services I have into 1 bill.
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Re: NEW-MY ACCOUNT WEBSITE! Feedback (For Everyone)

@Satch , 

Back in March, we announced that there would be updates to the Spectrum Account website and asked members to participate through early access to the new website portal  as well as provide feedback to improve the user experience.  Since the project has been completed and the new website has launched, the preferred method for providing direct feedback about the new website would be through selecting the feedback icon on the lower left corner of the page, which launches the feedback window.  




At this time, we want to maintain the focus of the Forums on peer to peer support for technical issues.