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iOS, Roku and PC Spectrum TV App Not Working (2/2018)

None of my channels will come up on the iOS app, on Roku or Chrome on my PC as of January 31. All I get under channels is a blank screen. I am logged in on my home network and had no problems accessing the content until the latest update. I tried disconnecting from my home Wi-Fi and use the cellular connection as I can usually still watch a few of the channels over cellular service Internet and still nothing. However, I can play on-demand programs without any problem. I have already tried customer service, but they said they thought it was an app issue. It is strange that it has not been resolved by now. Is there an issue that I am not aware of? I live in McAllen, TX. I am getting 2 errors at the same time: IVS-1001 and IFV-1002.

Thanks in advance!


Re: iOS, Roku and PC Spectrum TV App Not Working

reset both the modem and the cable box/ dvrs



Missing movie channels

Using the app on IOS. When’s I use the guide,a dismay scroll to HBO,  I have a valid subscription, in only get the option to watch on tv. If I scroll down it gives some options for watching on app, but most are dates and times with key symbol next to it!!,,


any ideas why why movie channels not showing up?


Re: Missing movie channels

I'm having the same issue. Was told by customer support that it is a server synch issue that they are trying to figure out.