Videos on app not working with projector!

I like to plug my phone into my projector to watch videos, but videos on the spectrum app won't play. Please help!


Details: I have an iphone 6s that I plug into my projecter using a Wesoo lightening-to-hdmi adapter. This usually works fine (e.g., I watch youtube videos this way regularly). When I open the spectrun app, I can see the menu through the projector. But when I select a video, the screen goes black and nothing plays. If I unplug the cable from my phone, the video plays fine on my phone. But when I plug the cable back in, the video goes blank again!


Re: Videos on app not working with projector!

HDCP issue, only possible solution is to add a 2 way HDMI amplified splitter in line to strip off/ fool the hdcp.