TWC app will no longer stream tv

I just wanted to register my displeasure with the fact that as of today, the TWC app requires ios 7 in order to stream tv.  I have an original ipad 1, which I pretty much only use to stream tv, so i can carry it with me from one room to another.  The ipad 1 cannot be upgraded beyond ios 5.1.1. so i can no longer use my device to watch tv.  I don't understand why devices that work just fine are deliberately rendered obsolete.

Not a happy camper tonight.

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Re: TWC app will no longer stream tv

I understand how it appears on the surface, but each version of the OS needs to be considered for all changes made to the app. Each version of the OS can also cause bugs that our developers would need to resolve. By limiting the versions that we are working with, it allows us to deliver a better experience more efficiently.


Re: TWC app will no longer stream tv

I also agree with you on total displeasure.  I have continued to have issues with TWC but remained a loyal customer for years.  I also have an older 

Ipad my family only used for TV streaming to only find this morning it no longer works.  I work in IT software development and understand continued need for software changes but there should be continued option for a backwards compatible option vs forcing customers who are already being robbed of monthly cable payments to be forced to buy new equipment to use a supposed free service.


No consideration for your customers


Re: TWC app will no longer stream tv

I agree
I have an iPad 1 that is only used to stream twc tv through app and has worked great
Since the app itself hasn't updated with iOS 5.1 it's clear that disallowing streaming wasn't due to a technical reason
It seems that time warner just decided to pull the plug on loyal customers and make a perfectly viable option useless

Re: TWC app not working

I want my app back spectrum!