Spectrum app on iPhone worthless!

So let me get this straight. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I can only view certain channels on the spectrum app when I'm not at home? So help me understand the point. PLEASE!! I travel for work and the only reason I would use the phone app is if I'm away from home and not close to a TV. So if it ONLY works at home WHY WOULD I WATCH TV ON MY PHONE AT HOME WHEN I OBVIOUSLY HAVE A TV THERE?!?!? Pointless and disappointing!

Re: Spectrum app on iPhone worthless!

It's why they no longer run the "TV anywhere" ad... It was anywhere in your home within range of the weak WIFI modem...

They are too afraid of customers giving access to non paying friends and relatives to steal cable.

These aps were also supposed to work at TWC WIFI Hotspots but never did. Not even the free over the air channels which made absolutely no sense at all!



Re: Spectrum app on iPhone worthless!

Everyone has their pwn preferences, but I use the app at home all the time. I have 3 tvs that use the app on a Roku device and I use the app on my phone all the time. I use it when I'm in a location that doesn't have a tv, such as in the garage, kitchen, backyard while letting the dogs play or I'm smoking a brisket, etc.

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Re: Spectrum app on iPhone worthless!

I also find the App useful at home. Tablets while on the treadmill, in the kitchen, in the 

yard enjoying some fresh air. 


Traveling you may want to check out our Partner Apps. You will find many of 

our popular networks allow access to their apps on multiple devices both in and out 

of home. 


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