Spectrum TV app updated on 7/18/17 is broken

When you try to launch, it keeps crashing with an error and never launches. I have tried on my iPad and iPhone. 


Re: Spectrum Email not working

I keep getting the run around. I am told the server has crashed. REALLY ? A large corporation can't fix there servers in less than two days. A technician remotely entered my computer for an hour with no luck. I was told a senior technician would be calling me the next morning between 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM never received the call. I called spoke with another technician she said no notes about any of this was in my file. This is very troubling that someone was remotely on my computer yet no notation of it. Email still not working. Spectrum is terrible I never had problems before this merger.

Re: Spectrum TV app updated on 7/18/17 is broken

I saw on other postings to do a password reset. I did a password reset on my account and it seemed to fix it.