Spectrum TV App won't start

New Spectrum TV app won't start.  After reinstalling the app, rebooting the iPhone, and restarting the set top box, I still get error "We're sorry, something didn't work quite right. Please try again later. (9223372036854775807)"

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I apologize for the service issues.  Did you restart the modem as well?   Are you connecting on your home network?  


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Re: Spectrum TV App won't start

I've experienced no issues with my modem, however, I just did the following and it now works.

1) Turned off my iPhone.

2) Turned off my iPad.

3) Manually restarted the Modem.

4) Restarted the set top box.

5) Turned on the iPad & iPhone.


Apps on both devices worked.  i tried everything but restarting the modem last night.



Re: Spectrum TV App won't start

I'm in central NY and had the same issue Monday/Tuesday.  Now the app is there but the connectivity is so slow .  Other times , when it does connect, I then cannot receive individual networks because, again, the connectivity is so very slow.  We've been experiencing slow to no connection off and on for a few months and thought that since the "merger" was complete" these problems would be resolved.  Sigh.  Our bad for thinking such thoughts or expecting such service.  It's just gotten much worse.   Good luck to you !!! 



Re: Spectrum TV App won't start

The apps been done for most for five days Smiley Sad