App thinks I'm away from home

The TWC TV app suddenly says I am away from home when, in fact, I am home on my TWC network.  I have never had this issue before and have not changed anything in my setup.  Is there a quick fix for this?

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Re: App thinks I'm away from home

When this message is displayed that means the billing system is not able to verify the IP address you are 

using as connected to your home. The system is out of sync.


The process that normally will correct this is to unplug the power to your modem and if you are using a router you would want to unplug that also. 


Please plug back in modem, after the modem completely reboots please plug in the power to your router. 


After the router reboots, log back into the App. This should take care of it. If not please contact us 

for further research. 


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Re: App thinks I'm away from home

unplug both the cable box and the modem.



Re: App thinks I'm away from home

Maybe your problem is solved now, but I've had this happen as well on my iPad, and when it happens, I turn off Wi-Fi on the iPad, then turn it back on to log back into my wi-fi and then everything is OK.


computer and App think i'm not home

i logged out, closed the router, opened again -- and it doesn't help. please help