what is wrong with the spectrum streaming app and will it be fixed

i am having a baby . so i was cutting cost . i have 2 roku's that worked flawless when i had my tv box never had one issue at all worked great . so i decided hey why not get spectrums 10 channel streaming service cut the box and save a little money . so i did just that . well guess what i cannot even watch live tv now becuase if and when it works the picture is so crappy its not even watchable . even the on demand is horrid . i pay for this service as an altenitive to 160 a month for internet and cable .but i have not been able to enjoy live tv since we lost the box . this is unexcusable and a complete rip off . i keep getting service unavialable and if it does work constant buffering  or blotchy picture that doesnt work . why am i paying 30 a month for this crappy service . i even tried watching on my laptop wich also worked well until recently now it just says service unavialable . if this isnt fixed soon i am cancelling it why pay for something i can't use . come on spectrum


Re: what is wrong with the spectrum streaming app and will it be fixed

The Spectrum TV app is buggy and people are report issues with it seemingly every day. As of right now, it's a good compliment for a guest room, iPad, etc. but not ready to be relied upon for the sole viewing option of the household.


Re: what is wrong with the spectrum streaming app and will it be fixed

I have used the Spectrum TV app with a Roku 2 for over a year; no problems yet. However, I switched from traditional cable to Spectrum TV Choice shortly after the service started. I have had only one problem with it so far, an issue with incorrect local TV channels (I live near Cleveland, but was getting Cincinnati locals; the first time I had this issue, some time ago now, I was receiving Rochester, New York locals rather than Cleveland ones). After I don't recall how many phone calls to Spectrum to have the issue resolved, the problem was eventually identified and remedied; my cable service has worked flawlessly ever since.


 If the issue I mentioned is the only bug the Spectrum streaming TV app has, then I'd say the streaming service is doing quite well. I watch quite a bit of TV, and would notice immediately any problems with the streaming app. I have not noticed any problems whatsoever with freezing streams, pixellation, etc. as I did when I had traditional cable; the only thing I have noticed is every once in a great while the picture might freeze for perhaps a second--hardly noticeable, unless you are looking for it.


 The point I am trying to make is that the streaming service appears, at least to me, to be working very well.  I understand, from what a Spectrum representative told me recently over the phone, that the problem I was having with getting the incorrect local TV stations for my area was actually caused by a technical issue, which has since been resolved. 


 If anyone feels the Spectrum TV app is not reliable enough for home use (as reds91185 stated), there are other ways to get your local TV stations and even cable channels, services that do not rely on the  cable at all. I am referring to streaming video services the likes of Youtube TV and Hulu with live TV, to name but two. (I am purposely ignoring streaming services the likes of Sling TV, because that service does not include local TV channels in its base package.) I have subscriptions to both, but will probably cancel one or the other soon in the interest of saving money. The reason I have these standalone streaming video services is so that I will not lose my favorite TV shows and newscasts if the cable  malfunctions for any reason.


  Finally, reds91185 asks the question "and will it (the Spectrum streaming TV app) be fixed?" I don't think he has anything to worry about. The Spectrum Choice TV cable service was only started about a month or so ago, so it is bound to have some bugs (such as the app receiving the wrong locals) which must be worked out.


 The problems with the app will be identified and remedied in due time, but it won't happen overnight. As I said, it took I don't remember how many phone calls to Spectrum before my own issues with the streaming app getting the wrong local channels were corrected, but they were, eventually; the same thing  applies to any other issues the app may have at this time.