Time Warner Chat Regarding Missing Channels on ROKU 3

This is a a record of my exchange, Apprently there is an outage of some sort:

You: I have uninstalled rebooted everything from my Router to my ROKUS and DVR. I really have no idea what the problem is
Shawn Gregory: I appreciate your efforts
You: Like I said. I am watching an ON Demand movie now... But all of my channels are gone into the either
Shawn Gregory: Okay
Shawn Gregory: I am able to pull the account and we are currently experiencing an issue with TWCTV affecting multiple platforms where channels are missing after the letter A.
Shawn Gregory: We apologize for the inconvenience.
You: Any time frame for repairs estimated?
Shawn Gregory: I'm really sorry, but, our network engineers have not posted a definite time frame for the resolution.
Shawn Gregory: I assure you that the outage has been given the highest priority and will be resolved at the earliest.
Shawn Gregory:
You: OK
Shawn Gregory: Thank you for understanding.
Shawn Gregory: I request you to access your services after sometime.
Shawn Gregory: Please access My Account or the My TWC® app to track service outage in your area. (
Shawn Gregory: Also contact our Local Office number to receive updates from the IVR.


Re: TWC App. not working on my Roku 3

My Roku streaming stick has been working like a champ until today. More specifically tonight. Suddenly, it's only playing networks that begin with the letter A. It's an odd problem. So I cleared history and reset modem, uninstalled and reinstalled the TWC channel and there's no change.

Re: channels "B"-"Z" are missing

Ok so I'm not the only one here with this same issue going on, that's a relief. Come on Time Warner hoping for a speedy recovery.


Re: channels "B"-"Z" are missing

No you are definitely not the only one, I am having the same issue and I got the same response, it's some sort of outage on TWC end.  Hopefully this gets resolved quickly.  


Re: Totally Missing Channels

Same thing here!!!-_-


Re: channels "B"-"Z" are missing

Ohh good. I thought I was going crazy!

Re: channels "B"-"Z" are missing

Thank you TWC for a quick solution.

Got all channels back except my favorite one


Any chance getting that one back?


Re: channels "B"-"Z" are missing

Just checked. More channels this am on Roku LT. Looks like its back to normal at zip 53150