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As of today, my Roku shows the TWC app rebranded to Spectrum.  Naturally, I was dreading what this meant, as I expected swaths of burned earth everywhere, or possibly even a declaration that my underpowered, older Roku would no longer run the app.


The reality:  no go on first attempt.  It's a new app, so I rebooted the Roku, and... it works!  After going through the slightly long intro to the new app, I can even say it works identically the same as the TWC branded app.  The look is vastly updated (welcome to 2017!), and I'm not certain I like the channel guide (slightly larger text, so fewer lines are on screen at once).  


Other than my minor gripes, big kudos to the app team on doing this thing right!  It's slightly more responsive than the old app, and I like the new "intro" screen that pops up each time I select a different channel while the app waits for video to start.  The app loading screen is cute, and is a great way to let me know that something is still happening, unlike the old app where sometimes I wondered if the whole process had locked up.  And the best feature of all:  I didn't have to re-enter my login info the first time.  Hallelujah!


 Like many others, the TWC Roku app had become an increasing source of frustration over the last few weeks, as video quality started decreasing and at times the whole thing just refused to work.  Spectrum has rewarded me with what is, so far, a better app experience than before.  Nice job. 


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I can report the same feeling of dread when I realized that the TWCTV Roku app had been updated on a very old Roku 2 XS 3100R that I use, and the same feeling of relief when it started working just fine.  I didn't even need to restart my Roku!


I was one of the lucky ones that had no trouble with the TWCTV Roku app, except for needing to get my internet fixed, or maybe optimized is a better term, so it would run over WiFi without stuttering or reloading.  I never had any TWCTV Roku app outages and never needed to log on again after my 1st logon like many users, so I was dreading what the update would bring. far so good...


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Sigh. No such luck here. App has updated, but still getting the S500 error on all channels. I've tried restarting my Roku 2, as well as removing and re-adding the Spectrum app. Is this a system-wide issue?


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When I had this issue with the TWC app on my Xbox one I called and they had me shut off my modem for about 3 mins. After that it worked with no error code.

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The other night I watched TWC on the Roku and all was beautiful.


Now I have Spectrum, which shows every channel blurry, like looking at it through vaseline or on a really old TV. 


It's also buffering every few seconds, making it unwatchable. 


Hopefully it's just first day jitters, but I'm missing my hockey game. Smiley Sad


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Sad that not everybody has experienced the same seamless upgrade I did.  I seem to remember that the S500 error indicates something wrong on the TWC side, but I've only had that error once, and it appeared to resove itself (probably due to a bunch of people in some TWC building somewhere working frantically away).


My only thoughts on things like blurry screens are the usual troubleshooting:

  1. Check signal strength on the Roku.  If it's anything less than Good, you have a problem.  Roku has some tips that might help.
  2. Check that you're running the latest and greatest of everything on your Roku.  There are instructions if you don't already know how to manually check.
  3. Restart everything.  It seems like a cliché, but it works.  This includes your modem, your wireless router (if it's separate), and the Roku.

If you've done all that and it still doesn't work, it's time to contact support directly.  Anecdotally, my cable card stopped working recently and it was only after contacting support that they discovered my account had been split into two cities, meaning my equipment was receiving conflicting information.  Odd things happen, and sometimes somebody just has to dig for the cause of the problem.  Robot Happy


Good luck!

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Update: My Spectrum app on the Roku looks crystal clear HD now. I knew it was only a matter of time! Thumbs up.