WMLW (Channel 7) not on ROKU lineup

No longer have WMLW as part of Spectrum lineup as of yesterday.

This is still on channel 7 for TVs with Spectrum box.

How do I get this restored?


Re: WMLW (Channel 7) not on ROKU lineup

Noticed this also.  Started last night.


Just for the groups info this is in the Milwaukee Metro market. 


I believe that this might have something to do with the FCC spectrum sale.  WMLW was one of the stations involved in this.  Although the OTA changes took place on Jan 8,  the Spectrum app may not be as quick to keep up with changes as the cable boxes. Only a guess on my part. Best bet is to call and complain.  

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Re: WMLW (Channel 7) not on ROKU lineup


Re: WMLW (Channel 7) not on ROKU lineup

FCC should also force them to use their real RF channel designations rather than the aliases. There are no TV transmitters operating above RF ch 50 and the aliases are becoming very confusing since it appears to the uneducated consumers nothing has changed.

Here in Cleveland, WUAB "43" ceased broadcasting on rf ch 28 and has moved to a couple subchannels on RF ch 24, sharinging it with WOIO "19" that was simulcasing bothg on ch 10 and 24....

Most local channels are not received by the cable co headends but are added in via internet streams and shouldn't require any "rescanning" by the cable companies.