Version 5.1.0 of Spectrum app causing problems

I have two Roku devices -- an older Roku 3 and a newer Streaming Stick +.  Had been using version 4.24.0 of the Spectrum TV app on both devices without a problem.  About a week ago, the Roku 3 updated the Spectrum app to version 5.1.0 and that's when the problems started. Although I can still receive channels properly, the inerface is no longer intuitive, but I've been able to adjust.  The worst problem is the guide which I sort by Network Name and Favorites.  Channels are sometimes listed and other times not.  Alphabetical order is inconsistent and the Guide lists all instances of channels, unlike version 4.24.0 which only listed one instance of each channel under the same sorting.  The channel list has thus become unwieldy and useless.  Version 5.1.0 should have remained in Beta status and not released until the bugs were sorted out.

Weirdly, my Streaming Stick + never updated the spectrum app from version 4.24.0 which is indicated as the latest available version.

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Re: Version 5.1.0 of Spectrum app causing problems

We apologize for an poor experience.  There was a recent update which included updates to the guide.  We will pass along your feedback.  

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Re: Version 5.1.0 of Spectrum app causing problems

I have noticed the same issues: alphabetical sorting is inconsistent, at best. Channels with 2 numbers now double up (i.e. ESPN channels 25 & 300) and don’t show just one like previous version, and settings don’t save after exiting app, everything reverts back to defaults (like sorting by network name and favorites, after exiting reverts to channel number and all channels). Love the look and feel of the app but the finer details need refining as old version had. Using Roku 3 update to version 5.1.0