Timer on the Spectrum streaming app


Is there a way to turn off the message that pops up every couple of  hours asking me if I am still watching then shuts the app off?  I called tech support and he didn't know what I was talking about. 

I have only been using this straming app for about a week but I HATE this.  Hulu live doesn't do this and I have about convinced myself to just keep that.


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Re: Timer on the Spectrum streaming app

@eriny ,


Sorry for any frustration.   The pop up message is intended to monitor and manage usage and bandwidth.  There is not an option to disable it, but I will pass along your feedback.   


I've also included a link to Spectrum TV App for Roku that covers some other features that you may find useful.   


Re: Timer on the Spectrum streaming app

This feature is the same that Netflix...and all other streaming services...have by asking the question "Are you still watching (whatever)?" They do not want to waste bandwidth by streaming to an empty room or to a tv that nobody is watching. This is especially useful for customers with internet connections that charge by the data usage or have data caps. 


Re: Timer on the Spectrum streaming app

If biiling was by the minute (or hour) for using the Spectrum TV app, users would be self-managing how long they really wanted to use the app and there would be no need for a timer in the app. Just saying.